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The Most effective Fat-burning and Muscle Building Body Weight Exercises

When you simply can’t afford to go to the health club, don’t have access to one, or simply just don’t feel like going, there’s always body weight exercises. Bodyweight exercises are an wonderful way to get fit and are an effective way for a fitness beginner to get familiar with the health and fitness world. Bodyweight workouts are amazing tools for developing the your entire body, and perhaps what’s even better, they don’t cost you a nickel!

By far the most simple and well-known bodyweight exercise is the push-up

Push-ups have numerous varieties however they all focus on the same general muscle groups: the tricep muscles as well as the chest muscles. Standard grip push-ups work the chest area the most while “tricep” or “diamond” push-ups – done with hands together and directly underneath the breast bone – work the triceps much more. When you are able to crank out 12-15 or more repetitions easily, you might want to increase the difficulty to better stimulate strength gains. This can be achieved by either filling a backpack with weights and putting it on as you do pushups, or simply by elevating your legs (e.g. performing pushups off a couch).

Pushups for the Complete Beginner

In my opinion, pushups are the #1 best exercise you can do! They are simple to do and are a great upper body workout for the complete beginner or the advanced bodybuilder.

Another excellent bodyweight exercise is the pullup

Pullups stimulate primarily the biceps and the lats(the upper back). Much like pushups, pullups come in all shapes and styles, usually distinguishable according the grip used. When your hands face towards you, it is known as a chin up and utilizes the biceps more directly. If your palms face away, it is almost always called a pull-up and works the lats and forearms more. One thing to remember on top of these differences, is that the wider the grip, the more focus is put on the lats, while the narrower it gets, more focus is placed on the arms.

Beginners Pull Up Workout

This is the first weeks pull up videos for beginners. If you can already do pull ups, this weeks video is not for you.

The final bodyweight exercise in this post may not be the most popular yet it’s undoubtedly one of the most useful: the hindu squat

Hindu squats were used for centuries by Hindu wrestlers to bolster their enormous and powerful legs. Contrary to what one may think at first regarding the exercise, they are not bad for your knees at all, and have been in fact proven to be good for your knee health. The starting position of a hindu squat is a standing position with your arms extended in parallel to the floor. You then start to lower your body into a squat position while lowering your arms until they are perpendicular to the floor at the same time. The squat position of a hindu squat is not the same as a traditional squat position because you should be on your toes and your knees should be pointing forward, as opposed to being on your heels with your shins perpendicular to the floor.

How to Do Hindu Squats

Hindu squats are great for conditioning because they work the whole leg, and they involve putting weight on the quads before driving up.

Bodyweight exercises are incredibly valuable to people of fitness of all levels. It is wonderful to be able to experience noticeable gains without having to spend any money or leave the house at all.

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