"I know now I don’t need to pay for the expensive gym membership and can keep using these to stay fit in my favorite routines at home!"
-Gary R

11 Piece Resistance Band Set with Handles and Door Anchor

$49.99 $46.99

Get in shape at home with these versatile resistance bands.

  • High Quality Resistance BandsThis 11 Piece Resistance Band Set comes with 5 bands with various resistance levels. 
  • Versatile: With two Handles and two Ankle Straps and a door anchor, 100+ exercises can be performed to train every muscle in your body.
  • Complete Set: The entire 11 Piece Resistance Band Set comes with 5 resistance bands, 2 handles, 2 ankle strap, 1 door anchor and 1 bonus carrying bag.
  • Natural & Safe Latex: The main part of the strap is made from 100% natural latex, which means that our bands are elastic and durable even after a long time exercising and meet all your workout challenges.

  • Bonus: Carrying Bag: The entire set fits into one convenient carrying bag to be easily stored and transported.
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